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DMCA Takedown Request
Copyright Infringement Notice

Is Someone on OKport Violating Your Copyrights?

Copyright law can be tricky!

Copyright violations happen frequently for many reasons. Two common reasons are that folks simply don't understand copyright law or that folks just don't care about violating your copyrights. Another is that many believe that work posted to the internet automatically falls under the category of "fair use" or public domain (not true, for the record.)

OKport was developed by photographers who understand how hard we all work at our crafts and the importance of protecting copyrights.

Want to know more about copyright law? Check it out here. While you're at it, read about the Digital Millenium Copyright Act here.

What can you do if someone violates your copyrights on OKport?

1. Try to make friendly contact with the alleged infringer first. Explain your concern that they may have accidentally violated your copyrights and politely ask them to take down the infringing material.

2. If that doesn't work, you may notify us of the alleged infringement by either using this online form or by downloading this PDF, filling it out with your signature and sending it to us via snail mail at this address:

2074 Bolton Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-1106 USA

What happens next?

After we receive your DMCA Takedown Notice, we will notify the alleged infringer. They in turn have 24 hours to either respond or remove the infringing work. If neither of those things happens, we remove the work. That's it!

Use this form to submit your claim (all fields are required):

To OKport.com,
The following information is presented in good faith for the purposes of removing web content that allegedly infringes on my copyright per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The allegedly infringing material appears on OKport.com and I appreciate OKport's attention to this matter.

OKport.com will notify profile holder of the alleged copyright violation. Profile holder has 24 hours to either respond or remove the infringing material. If neither of those things happens and there is a clear violation, then OKport.com will remove the infringing material.